I was supposed to get a Nanostick T2 e delivered to me. This has a driver from kernel 4. Maybe my device is slightly more bodgy; after all, it’s extremely cheap. I’ve installed the newest drivers from AstroMeta site but the problem didn’t go away. Posted by Antti Palosaari at

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Save the changes and move to the Muxes tab.

Panasonic MN – LinuxTVWiki

The case is black. I’m not measuring a lot of noise on the I2C bus, but something might still be going wrong there. Just wondering if there’s a problem with documentation, the driver, the firmware or something else.

Jouko Kuisma 30 March at I wish I had time to help with kernel driver. I know there is one person hacking with MN Linux driver and it is not me!

Best regards, Chris Linnux Africa. I never used linux before, so I am sorry if my question is lame: You may also need to increase tune repeats if the channels are not found or tuned properly you need to have at least the Advanced view level selected to see this setting. According to official sources, this one does not support DVB-C.


Index of /linux/v4l-dvb/firmware/MN88472/02

Any idea how to get one of these working in Linux Mint The PCB layout is a bit different, e. Initial Linux support is about to go in Kernel 3.

Looks like device is build upon some new Realtek reference design, whilst it may different somehow. Al 4 March at Hello Antti, trying to build the driver like this: D Check it here: However I remember someone added another stick recently, which was also using same demodulator. Aleksandar Milosavljevic 20 October at Sezer Yalcin 7 November at However, seller pictures do not always reflect that change and one could end up buying a random version even years later. I’ve tried to compile the drivers, but I get the following error.

Emmalin 2 11 November at I’ve installed the newest drivers from AstroMeta site but the problem didn’t go away.

Is is possible the eeprom went blank? Michael Laue 16 August at What I have tested on XP it works.


I would like to watch Doctor Who in HD. Andre 8 July at This page has been accessed 37, times. Pordy Mail 22 June at One of the last things I tried it on was OpenElec. I’m testing through Virtualbox-USB, which might screw m88472 some timings, but I have the issue on another PC, without virtualisation, as well.

Tommi Lundell 11 September at