No matter what its shape, the Easy Disk is compact, lightweight, durable and simple to use. Head over to our Forums to discuss it. DS Cluster – Follow our Sitemap. Even if you carelessly drop it on the floor, the drive is protected by the secure design. By connecting this product to a PC, the password authentication screen will launch automatically.

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If you want to save something onto your flash memory center, you can do so with easydism simple drag and drop. Email Article To Friend.

Portable Flash USB Storage: EasyDisk

All data written into the harddrive are being encrypted, even if it gets dismantled there is no need to worry about it being analysis. It is a mistake to try and unplug any flash memory center while it is working.

Head over to our Forums to discuss it. Compact flash is fairly cheap now, making the EasyDisk look uninvitingly expensive. As such it is iwndows upon the reader to employ real-world tactics for security and implementation of best practices. The unit comes with a vinyl leather protective case and detachable strap.


16MB EasyDisk USB HD

A nice addition to say the least. Need to have a zip drive on every computer. There were no damages made. It also includes a very useful USB extension cord. Thanks for joining us here today at OCA. Compact Flash Memory Benefits There are many, many benefits to investing in a flash memory center. Portable Hard Drive A portable hard drive is a smart way to store even the most sensitive data.

EasyDisk mb vs LS The unit comes in a nicely designed box with all necessary hardware and accessories. Relative Humidity Under Operation.

No external power supply, USB power supply 4. Password protection guards against this happening.

Home What is Flash Memory? Under ME and 2K, an explorer window will pop up showing the contents of the drive, much like any other removable drive ie: When it comes to operating systems, most available will recognize flash memory drives. Furthermore in the Mformat program, you can format the USB drive as a bootable disk. There are so many different uses for flash memory drives that the list is practically endless.

Since pen drives are hot swappable and require no downloaded drivers, they save you an incredible amount of time. Honestly, these drives are so convenient that even a little taste of Compact Flash Memory is likely to make you want to change over to flash memory drives right away.


HDPNC-HSU series (500GB)

No different than MB version. The product comes with a wimdows sized CD with drivers for Windows The drive will suffer from transfer rates and read rates because of this.

If the LED is ewsydisk, wait until it has gone back to a solid light, and then unplug the device. Password Authentication Encryption to protects your valuable data, prevents the leak of sensitive information data. I ran a Sandra test: The results speak for themselves. Two problems were the lack of USB 2. As you can see, the drive performs fairly decent, faster than a Zip disk.