om OPSkins. Den största och säkraste marknadsplats i världen. OPSkins Marketplace is an online trading platform, where gamers around the world buy and sell digital items using real-life money. Online games on the Steam platform (such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, H1Z1, Dota 2, Unturned, etc.) allow players to. Ursprungligen skrivet av Vova2k: Ursprungligen skrivet av Mercury: Except they aren't, you idiot. cambiaonline.info for item trades, OPSkins for cash. op skins and csgosell is black listed by valve. op skins is a money greedy sellout, full of scam bots csgosell had 15 of its bots banned, although idk whats wrong with. Op Skins Scam. Hello fellow steamers. My story is simple so please read it carefully. I had been trade banned on steam for 2 weeks. I believe that i have traded with another player that had a stolen item. I was not involved in the scam, probably this is why i only got 2 weeks trade ban and not permanent. It has been 3 weeks. opskins

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Long Way Home Offensive Combat: In the end you are only using steam log in api. Grimm's Journey Remastered Level Antaeus Rising Hot Tin Roof: You get the money into your paypal instatly.

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Ruptured by Despair Atonement: I will say OP skins isn't in the right for doing this to you, but you did have a trade ban so they are just doing their job. Who Stole My Pants? Complete Edition Nitroplus Blasterz: Unchained Organ Biker Organ Trail: Visar 1 - 15 av 17 kommentarer. OPSkins använder cookies för att anpassa din erfarenhet och leverera de bästa erbjudandenen.

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