I formatted the 1 gig microdrive in a USB reader first in Macintosh format. It’s totally hot-pluggable, just like any USB device except you of course have to observe all the usual non-hot-plug precautions on the HD end of things. Jan 10 – Oh yeah, zombie thread! That’s your first problem. May 12, – August 31, –

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Apple II power supply SNbroken power switch deltamind May 3 – Then when I insert the microdrive in the Microtech carder reader, I go to the drive setup and mount the drive.

None of the eBay sellers offer current drivers. Many devices don’t have external ID selectors you have to open up the unit and change jumpers on the internal drive itself ; and other devices ZIP drives come to mind have selectors that only allow you to choose between a couple of IDs, neither of which is zero. It is an entrega Mlcrotech.

This is getting me mighty pissed You’ll have to network it from an older Mac, or find some other solution. Recent content Alpha syntauri with Apple IIe or europlus.


Insert the Microtech Installer CD. I need to know this quick.

USB SCSI adapter with X problem | Applefritter

March 15, – 5: There is a vendor on eBay who has a lot of these Microtech units for sale, but it’s hard to determine in advance whether they match the success story reported here. Page 35 Microtech within microtwch 90 days after the date of purchase. September 21, – 1: Apr 15 – hsb-scsi-db25 January 10, – But it’s virtually impossible to find it for an affordable price.

Also I turned onn the HD first, then powered up the adapter through the power adapter that came with the Belkin, then plugged it in to the iMac while it was up and running.

Microtech SCSI TO USB DB25 USB SCSI Storage Controller Adapter XpressSCSI NEW

I’ve been trying to get an old Olympus SYS. If you discover a defect, Microtech will, at its option, repair or replace this product with a new or reconditioned product at no micrrotech to you, provided you return it during the warranty period, with transportation charges prepaid, to Microtech. I’m not sure of the exact SCSI type though. Anyway, take all of the above usb-scsj-db25 what it’s worth, which may be very little.


USB XpressSCSI USB to SCSI Converter Cable

Since then we have grown to include offices in California and Japan. However, you must be sure that none of the devices are being accessed before you remove the cable from the PC. On the other hand, if you buy the DB25 model, you may usb-scsi-db52 have to spend microteh extra on the adapter, but you are taking as risk because it’s not known for sure if that model will work under OS X.

I found this Ratoc converter: How can you hijack an ancient. Create new account Request new password.

Works great with existing SCSI devices. Announcements Lisa schematics uploaded. Log in or register to post comments.

Dec 20 – Does the adapter you mentioned connect an old 50 pin scsi to usb 2? That’s your first problem.

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