In the end, I decided to go with one of the cheaper but not the cheapest lasers with a digital front panel display. You can replace the hvt, but these supplies are not expensive to replace. Which Materials to use and which to avoid What to cut? These metal pieces were in the beam path, disrupting it. While the unguarded blades are decidedly dangerous, it moves a crazy amount of air.

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I generally will use the speed from that site, then start at a much lower laser power.

Engraving performance was good too — I was able to cut simple black and white images and text into wood and acrylic. For those interested in the internals of Grbl which is used a few engrager controllers, here is a write up I did over the holidays The OSHA guy gave them six months to get air scrubbers in place or he was going to shut them down. Perhaps black paint used as an etch resist?

Then it’s a bad focus lens. I need to fire it up to see if the tube is still useful.

40W Laser | eBay

CO2 Glass 40W rated an estimated 1, – 1, hours. Some boards do have driver apps: Either honeycomb or something similar? And what about my question about the CW? Thanks for the tips about using nitrogen.


It’s hard to isolate tube vs lps failures. Automatic fire extinguishers for lasers and printers have been discussed here before: I did connect the chassis ground of course. New technology laser, carving bottom flat, strong power.

The viewing window glass, plastic, whatever is not supposed to tolerate the beam. Cuts 3mm Baltic birch single pass like butter and great looking greyscale images.

We can’t wait to see what you make with your machines, our boards, and the amazing LightBurn Software! I had to go and find my USB cd drive before using the K Limited in cutting area but so much better than waiting around at the local makerspace for your turn on their laser.

As long as that potting compound is in place, nothing can get to the motor. There are many different natural and synthetic materials, some of them easily affected by the laser energy, some are not.

It will lsaer the I use just a pump and frozen water bottles and seem to have no issue, but I also dont run my laser for massive amounts of time. Just insert it into a self made frame.


The tube is held in with two metal spring straps.

Laser Noob: Getting Started With the K40 Laser | Hackaday

Unable to load more. There is nothing to stop 20kV hitting the water sump if the tube cracks… I could go on all night finding various areas of badness and reckless design.

Feel free to post your ambitions, aspirations, successes and struggles with your Laser machine here. The first step in setting up one of these lasers is arguably the most dangerous: Added several 1W LEDs to the interior of the cutting chamber with a custom G-code command to turn on and offair assist, visible position indicator LED, proper adjustable max endstop switches, etc.

Laser Noob: Getting Started With the K40 Laser

The pump I received is a wonder of cost reduction. What sort of dust collectors was that shop that was full of dust using? Read on to find out!