I guess they were right. While the disc is labeling, avoid any sudden shock or vibration to the computer. Or use the Title or Content templates instead of Full Disc. Special hardware is required for LightScribe enabled drives, and non-Lightscribe drives can not be upgraded with LightScribe capability. Disc Printing and Labeling.

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Check Use the following image as the background image option, click Browse With this you can also use other programs like NERO to make the labels. If you still have problems lightsccribe the System Software, Contact Me as Loghtscribe will need more specific system info in order to help you. If i proceed with generic labeling under XP, it will print, but it is much duller than how it should look.

Follow the onscreen instructions to browse and select an image file. For the same reason, using circular text instead of straight text can also generiic up burn times. I also heard labels that were not all encompassing perfectly circular over the surface would create a tiny lopsidedness when the disc spins that could damage the disc or possibly the drive.


The disc must be placed label side down in the optical disc tray. If desired, select a background by clicking Background.

LightScribe Duplicators | Lightscribe Software – Free and Premium Lightscribe Labeling Software

So i went out and bougt myself some lightscribe medias, installed the necessary software, genreic the cd in drive, saw how the program recognized the drive and started to burn the label. After burning a disc with iTunes available with select versions of LightScribe software only.

I drive crappy old ‘s BMW sedans, and I install nice stereos in them The LightScribe label is created separately genefic labeling software. You can also burn the label again. Temporarily disable anti-virus, spyware, or pop-up blocker programs.

Lightscribe/Labelflash…or something else now? Who uses what, and why?

Javascript is disabled in this browser. So i found the the free version of SureThing labeler ver. Oct 22, Posts: I may try installing linux on that and see if this will do lightscribe. Lastly, I have been working with LightScribe support, but they have yet to solve the problem. Wed Nov 02, 9: In this section,we will tackle the biggest cause of all LightScribe problems — Software configuration errors….

Otherwise did it burn disks ok? It’s also not applicable to DVDs, since there’s a polycarbonate ligutscribe on both sides. In some cases, the settings in security software or the Internet browser may interfere when downloading and installing the update.


I am about to RMA it, but had better hurry, as my 30 day warranty is up A sudden bump or vibration of the computer during the labeling process may affect the quality of the label. I found an old DVD with my music backup, and here’s the best yeneric you can do with Lightscribe: Right-click the security icon for firewall or antivirus software and select disabled.

Feb 12, Posts: Select the picture you want to load and click OK. You may want to try and worth with LightScribe support as they are excellent.

You can get a lot of music on a data cd. Use your own text, photos, or designs. So I just put a post-it note on the disc, take it off when I use it and put it back on when I’m done.