Updated sound driver article: Do the same when you are prompted for the 3 rd disk. Possibly moved to http: SMB signing was introduced to prevent malicious users from tampering or intercepting network traffic. If you get the above error, you can use the older DOSidle version 2.

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Supported DOS Network Cards/Chipsets

It’s designed for use in Microsoft networking environments, on either peer-to-peer or domain based LANs. The guest was a DOS 6. This does not affect the operating system, but when running in virtualized environments, it takes fos all the processor power on the host.

I wish I was still with that company. If the line is not present, just add it. Fixed divide overflow pnet fast Pentium machines. This site uses cookies: This time instead of injecting three files, just choose the option to inject the NICdrv folder. At this point, you can create a password. Do you suppose that is the problem? Wed Jan 31, Both these files are self-extracting images. Install the msdos 3.


Zamba’s VMware page

The 31pack is now also available as an ISO image, ready for mounting in a virtual machine. Graphics settings for Half-Life 2: Aroc, all the time.

BAT on the and, that is executed during boot and holds the statement. Created by Tomasz Saniawa. Do the same when you are prompted for the 3 rd disk.

Here is all the NIC’s this one floppy supports: UHA download; older versions before 15 nov require the slightly larger. These can’t be auto-detected. On the host, I was able to play all the games in high quality without noticeable problems. If you want to share your host’s c: Created by Angelo Sarto. I want to understand in detail how a DOS bootdisk with network connectivity ‘works so I can tailor the disks for specific network cards.

Created by Federico Lucifredi. Note that this install batch is german. With IC Chip from Linksys. Usually they’re on the floppies that came with the nic.


I went through the whole process from the beginning and figured out what I did wrong. Created by Al Gilhousen.

Network drivers

This is a very good guide. Give host and guest the same workgroup name. I am able to follow the guide all the way to one of the very last steps.